Sue Houtchens

Sue has been in numerous management positions throughout the community.  She is well known throughout the community for being involved in businesses, fraternal organizations, and charity work.

Leroy Martinez

Leroy is a long time member of the community and has worked in employment with construction and oil industry backgrounds.  He helps with set up and tear down of events, as well as coming up with new ideas for events and fundraisers.

Jennifer Martinez

Jennifer is a life time citizen of this community.  She has served in management and other roles in business throughout the community.

Krisie Mott

Krisie has been a team leader for a local program for developmentally challenged adults.  She also teaches law enforcement Officers how to deal with Disabled citizens that are in crisis.

Steve Long

Steve coordinates and oversees the set up and take downs of different events.  Steve is a long time member of the community.

Kim Griebe


Kim has been on Board in Fraternal Organizations as well as been involved in numerous fundraising activities throughout our community.

Andy Gonzales

Vice President

Andy has served as a Regional Manager for a National Youth Charity as well as being involved in numerous fundraising activities throughout our community.

mission & vision

The Barlow Foundation uses your contributions to help with mounting bills, travel expenses, or home finances. This allows the patients and their families to concentrate on healing rather than distracting financial burdens! Your contributions help to put some of these worries at ease while people are seeking medical treatment.  

Brian is the founder and President of the foundation.  He has been involved in over $1,000,000 of fundraising in the community for both individuals and Non-Profits.  Brian has served in numerous positions for Fraternal Organizations, as well as being the President of the Finance Committee for the Weld County Fallen officers Memorial.


Brian Spencer

Our founder

John Carlson
John is the founder of Zac's Legacy Foundation and serves as an adviser for The Barlow Foundation.

The Barlow Foundation - Evans Co 80620

Garret Spencer
Garret is the youngest member Board of Directors.  Garret serves as a technical guru for the Board.